Zodiac Seats France has changed air travel forever—for the absolute, total worst. It’s gone ahead and patented its war on airplane passengers everywhere with its insane “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon”, which has you directly facing your neighbors.

Finally, you can snag 10+ hours of awkward eye contact on an international flight. All those years of only getting the side view instead of the full glory of your seat neighbor’s gaping, drooling mouth? Gone!

Designed like an evacuation shuttle in some futuristic timeline where the Earth’s on the verge of exploding, this monstrosity has the gall to declare itself a good way “to increase cabin density while also creating seat units that increase the space available at the shoulder and arm area.”

That’s all admirable, but it comes at a rather serious price. Zodiac Seats France wants passengers to trade in their final piece of hope, that, despite shrinking legroom and declining snacks, they don’t have to open themselves up to a much higher likelihood of the person beside them starting a conversation.

People on planes already like to randomly tell you about their daughter’s school, their nephew’s job, or that one time they saw a celebrity buying stamps at the post office “just like you or me,” even if you have an open book in front of you. But now, if two people are practically on a dinner date for several hours with no possible exit, there’s no way one of them isn’t going to murmur an uncomfortable “hey” or let out an overly enthusiastic, “You know who you look like?”

Facing the same way wasn’t privacy, but that seating arrangement at least implied it. Now it’s over. The reign of “so where ya headed” is upon us.