We’ve all been in the following situation: Walking down the street when suddenly someone waves at you. You don’t know them, but you don’t want to be a jerk so you wave back. As soon as your hand goes up, you realize they’re actually looking at someone behind you. Now you’re waving like an idiot at a complete stranger on a busy street. There are tons of examples of situations like this that happen every day of our lives. A bunch of Redditors came up a list with of the most awkward ones.

1. Purplecat96

When you accidentally make eye contact with the same person about 20 times and end up looking like a stalker.

2. svenson_26

You hold a door for someone who is way too far away. They start some kind of fucked up half-jog to get to you.

3. straydog1980

Watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes on.

4. Ewest39

Trough urinals.

5. oscar_lima

Doing that stupid little dance when you try not to walk head on into a stranger.

6. Surreymon

When you’re with a group of people and you start telling a story and you notice that all the others have quit chit-chatting with each other to hear your story. This is when you realize that your story isn’t interesting at all.

7. bunnylebowski1

“Will someone let [name] join their group since he/she doesn’t have a partner?”

8. Team_Realtree

Fist-bumping a high-five.

9. scyth3rr

Accidently making eye contact through a bathroom stall.

10. emergency_poncho

When you introduce yourself to someone as if it were the first time meeting them, but they already know you.

11. ALazyTexan

Whenever a kid cries in public and the parents start to discipline them. Half of the people around are in a state of, “Oh my gosh. You monster!” While the others are mentally saying, “HIT THE BASTARD!”

12. CSW11

When you’re shaking hands, and you grab hold of only their fingers.

13. thischocolateburrito

When you sneeze so many times that people stop saying, “Bless you,” leaving you vulnerable to disease and/or demonic possession.

14. 1_Renegade

The sheer panic inducing moment when, having used up all of the 3 allotted “Whats?” when failing to hear what someone says, being forced to do the nervous and very awkward half laugh “Yeah” hoping it wasn’t a question.

15. dmcnelly

Putting the condom on.

16. jetplanelolly

Realizing you’re walking the wrong way and having to stop dead in your tracks and turn around without looking like a crazy person.

17. JDDW

Being at a stop sign (they were clearly there first) but they try to give you the “Go ahead.” You wave back the “No, you go ahead” you were here first wave, then nothing. Then you both start going at the same time, and eventually you just speed through the intersection thinking “Fucking idiots,” but waving “Thank you” with a happy smile.

18. nursehole

Trying to high five a blind person.

19. djdes

“How are you?” “Not much”
“What’s up?” “Pretty good.”
“Happy birthday!” “You too!”

20. SuntanSuperman

Eating a banana while staring at someone.

21. Ranmara

Racist elderly relatives.

22. coreclick

“What party?”

23. dee_berg

When the guy on To Catch a Predator first figures out he is on To Catch a Predator.