Everybody knows at least one person who goes by something other than their given name. Some of these nicknames can be good and stick but some of these nicknames can be horrible and stick. From the front pages of Reddit, here are the worst of the latter.

1. stengebt

A girl my buddy knows had corrective surgery on her breasts because one was an A cup and one was a D. They were both made to be Cs, so she became known as AC/DC.

2. Zomdifros

Dragon Rider. This is a friend of mine who has the habit of picking up only the ugliest girls from bars.

3. wq88

There was a half Mexican, half German kid. People called him Beaner Schnitzel.

4. PapaBradford

Forrest Dump.

5. sevpay

Senior year of high school, I jokingly nicknamed a freshman “Urine” because he just happened to be in a bathroom that reeked of urine. I didn’t realize that the name was going to stick. Three years later, I saw him and said hello. The first words out of his mouth were “Do you realize that people STILL call me ‘Urine’?!”

6. The_AntiSpoon

My stepfather’s buddy goes by pumpkin tits. Or tits for short. They’ll call him that in every scenario. Best man’s speech at his 4th wedding? Pumpkin tits. Coffee at Starbucks? Pumpkin tits.

7. bfox12927

Been friends with this guy Aidan since we were in 2nd grade. And naturally, being a pre-pubescent kid, I shortened his name to Aids. Sex ed helped me put a stop to that one.

8. Hurt69420

I went to elementary school with an overweight girl whom everyone called “Beluga”. I had no idea that a Beluga was a type of whale, so I called her “Beluga” a few times to her face (I assumed it was just a strange name).

9. Drengar

My friends call me Half Sack because I only have one testicle.

10. LurkerModeDisabled

There’s this asshole that walks around my office. Everyone just calls him “sir” and “boss.”

11. NexusShitlord

HS kid I coached in baseball got tickled in a dog pile during football season. He was apparently not feeling his best, and shit himself. His nickname became "TickleShits”

12. randumhumanoid

My friends name is Connor, since 8th grade Sex Ed class, he’s been known to us as, “Connorhea.”

13. crackassmuumuu

In college we had a buddy that was friend-zoned so many times we called him Diamond, because Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.