The biggest thing to happen in pop culture this week is a smartphone game about walking around your neighborhood catching invisible fictional monsters. So of course the Donald Trump presidential campaign had to take advantage of Pokemon Go’s popularity by creating a dumb attack ad on Facebook.

Dubbed “Crooked Hillary No!” rather than Pokemon Go—because Trump is really committed to the first draft of his nickname for the Democratic candidate—the ad tosses Pokemon in favor of throwing Pokeballs at Hillary Clinton. Once she’s caught, the encyclopedia-like Pokedex entry comes up to describe why Trump fans wouldn’t want to vote for Clinton, including a reference to the email scandal Clinton has been dealing with this year.

Politics aside this is a pretty lazy attack ad, honestly, especially when this image exists. It didn’t even reference the money loving Pokemon Meowth in talking about Clinton’s corruption. The Trump campaign could have at least created a job by hiring a millennial Pokemon fan to make a better joke.

Via Polygon