First dates can often be stressful. You try to make a great first impression that can lead to further rendezvous. But one of the overlooked aspects of the romantic world is the post-date text. It can be the perfect way to make your intentions clear and provide a roadmap for the relationship to proceed. Or you can take the safe route and just send a dick pic. Here are some of the worst texts you can send after a date, according to Redditors.

1. “Dude, I think she might have once been a he…I’ll know for sure after I bone her.”
Followed by: “Sorry wrong person”


2. He texted me a picture of medical supplies from his office (he’s a nurse) and asked me if I knew what any of then were.
I responded by telling him “not really, what are they”
The message I got back: “25 ways to get what I want.”


3. Doesn’t matter what they say, just make sure there are 50+ of them.

4. “You smell better when you’re awake.”

5. “Now that we’re dating, I’ve got this amazing way to make money. Would you like to join this multi level marketing organisation?”

6. “You passed the test, that was an actor you can now meet me in person.”

7. Day after I got a text from the friend that set us up saying, “Jon is in jail. Wants another date when he’s out.”

8. “Nudes.”

9. In a weird dark stage of my dating life I would always text the girl the next day and try and convince her to go to the zoo with me. No idea what I expected to happen once we were there, but it seemed like the perfect place for a second date. No one ever went to the zoo with me.

10. “Hey baby! Just got back from poker with my boys. See you soon! Tell the kids I love them!”

11. “I love you.”

12. “I can still taste you in my mouth…”

13. “I don’t take pills all the time, just when I have to be around people.”

14. “Hey honey, I just told my mom about you. She thinks we should be married soon, god wants us to be together. She can’t wait for our kids to be born, they will be adorable. Love you! P.S.: Mom says hi from heaven”

15. 10:32 am
“Hey babe, think you could confirm our relationship on fb? No one believes that I actually got a girlfriend!”
11:14 am
“Hey sweetie, forgot to ask, what’s your parents’ phone number?”
11:55 am
“Hey honey, just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you. Hope you’re ok!”
12:47 pm
“Hey, um, why aren’t you replying to me? I just called you like 3 times.”
2:03 pm
“Well it’s good to know that our relationship means so much to you.”
3:41 pm
“Just came by your work and they said that you went home already. What’s your address babe?”
5:09 pm
“Just sent your friend a facebook message, she said you went to hang out with this other guy. Just wanted to let you know it’s over.”
6:27 pm
6:49 pm
“I forgive you. Just let me come over and we can cuddle :)”
7:12 pm
“Screw you. I’m done trying.”
10:25 pm
“I love you.”