Unfortunately for me, I have never been present for someone losing their mind after being fired. The companies I have worked for have either done the firings in private or the folks have taken it quite well. It’s always been a dream of mine to watch someone flip out and call my employers names or break stuff. One day. In the meantime, these stories below will have to suffice.

1. Would’ve Been Cheaper to Keep Him

I was a security officer at a large aerospace company– one that makes fighter jets. One guy got wind of his termination and got a large power drill and drilled holes in several aircraft skins. Considering that these skins never cost less than $50,000 each, he did a lot of damage. They could not be salvaged, either.

2. That is Not a Smart Move

I was managing a small cell phone store in a strip mall kind of place a few years back. This one guy would come in late all the time, generally put no effort in, etc. I laid down the law with him after a couple weeks and told him to shape up or get fired. He got better…for like a week, then showed up late again. I don’t mean like 5 minutes late, I mean like 2 hours late. He gave me some bullshit excuse, I told him I’d fire him next time he showed up more than 5 minutes late, he told me to stop being so uptight and to get the stick out of my ass, so I told him to get out of my store.

He walks out of the store, goes out to his car, gets a baseball bat outta the trunk, walks over to my car, and proceeds to basically smash the ever living shit outta my car. Now this little strip mall is literally right across the street from the police station, so as soon as he grabbed the bat, I called the local PD. They come over within probably 90 seconds, and arrest him, fantastic response time, but not good enough. The car was basically totaled. I couldn’t believe how much havoc he wreaked on that car in 90 seconds. Smashed every window, both headlights, fucked up the hood/fenders, broke my spoiler in half. It was astonishing. Long story short, the guy ended up getting a felony charge and serving jail time, in addition to having to pay reparations.

3. That’s Definitely a Creative Exit

Creative Director wasn’t fired, but was told by HR that people complained he wasn’t there enough, so he had to start coming in five days a week. Instead of agreeing, he went through the office looking for who ratted on him, started assaulting said tattler, and was escorted off premises by police and promptly fired. This was at a well-known children’s toy company. Bonus: When they were looking for a new creative director, apparently he put his name in thinking that they would re-hire him and asked for a raise.

4. Don’t Disrespect Me, Bruh!

I was in a small supermarket buying some groceries after work and this customer asked someone over to help him with a self-service machine. The customer wasn’t aggressive or rude and he just commented on the machine like, “These damn things never work for me,” in a joking manner and the staff member went crazy. Got in his face and was yelling, “Don’t disrespect me, bruh.” And all this wannabe gangster sh#t. Like completely went off the deep end.

So the customer called over a manager, and this kid was still going off at the customer right in front of the manager. The customer walked out saying he was going to file a complaint. Then this kid starts saying to the manager that the customer was making it all up and he had done nothing wrong, even though he had been threatening the customer with violence in front of the manager. Then when the manager told him he was fired, the kid then threatened to stab the manager for not believing him.

5. That’s Why You Take His Stuff Before He Leaves

Had a co-worker get fired for repeatedly just not showing up for work. We worked at a small chain gas station/store type place that required all employees to wear a necklace with a small button to call police in emergencies. This “necklace” would only work within a 50 ft radius of the store but could be used in radius of any one of the 10+ stores. Well, this guy keeps his necklace and decides to go out one day, driving slowly past EACH store while pressing the button. The police, being required to go, ended up showing up at every store until they realized what was going on.

6. Make Sure There are No Witnesses

The fired employee punched me in the side of the head while my back was turned, then proceeded to kick me repeatedly with his steel toe boots for over a minute before he was pushed off me. This was in the middle of a warehouse in front of others at lunchtime. He was fired because an hour earlier he threatened me and then said he knew where my house and kids were.

7. That’s a Pretty Ingenious Scheme

I used to work at a fast food restaurant. This guy was caught stealing money from customers by essentially charging 50 cents extra to their meal and cashing it out. This might sound time consuming but 8 hour shift on cashier it’s pretty quick to rack up. Customer won’t notice 50 cent extra charge and the tills are never down. Smart scheme, until he got caught. He lost his shit. He rips off his uniform, storms out of the store, turns around and says, “F#ck you, good luck cleaning this up,” and pulls the lever on the anti-fire mechanism, filling the entire store with this foam that puts out massive fires. $20,000 cleanup. All stock ruined. He probably stole around $500 over a month, and cost him tens of thousands.


They first shat in the elevator, then shat off the top of a staircase in front of the staff parking lot.

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