In need of awful advice? There’s a place you can get it. Just go and ask the users of Reddit. We’ve picked out a few of the best, but you can head to the source to see the rest.

1. JournalofFailure

Rub a dub dub, make toast in the tub.

2. don-chocodile

The cost of needles ain’t fair, so go ahead and share.

3. drunken1

If your sex life needs spice, rub jalapeño on her slice.

4. seaotter

Bleach is a cleaner, of that there’s no doubt. Ammonia is too, it’s sure got some clout. So if one cleaner’s good, wouldn’t two be better? You betcha they would, so go mix them together!

5. idowutiwant

If a stranger says get in the van, just assume he’s the candyman.

6. freakyflag

Why don’t you try it before you knock it, Stick your dick in an electric socket.

7. -eDgAR-

If you get pulled over for a moving violation, exit the vehicle, without hesitation. Start running away at your quickest pace, and take the cops on a foot chase. Then turn around with your hands up high, Yell out “Psych!” and listen for their reply. They will stop and burst into laughter and you will be let go soon after.

8. damattmissile

If she’s on top, a baby won’t drop.

9. voidsoul22

Lose some weight: amputate.

10. hippienerd

If you want to display internet brawn, make sure that your caps lock is on.

11. sanslumiere

Drop out of school, and start using meth, then buy some Altoids, to get minty fresh breath!

12. SmackPatterson

Got heavy things? It’s your time to shine. Straighten those legs and lift with the spine.

13. Jackk6000

If your manhood seems little, slice it right down the middle. Carry out this simple plan, and soon you will be twice the man!

14. Thorking

The only way to get true knowledge is to spend 200k on liberal arts college.