Last month, we listed the best things to bring to a party, but realized we omitted an equally important discussion. So without further adieu, here are the worst things you can bring to a gathering according to Reddit users.

1. Definitely should institute a travel ban on this party

A piñata full of bees and used hypodermic needles from an Ebola ward.

2. You never want to be That Guy

Their guitar in hopes that someone will ask them to play Wonderwall.

3. This is also the worst thing to leave a party with

That girl who cries when she is drunk.

4. This one only works at a baseball game themed party

A bag of peanuts in the shell. By the end of the night there will be shell pieces in every corner of the house.

5. The less sausage the better

More dudes.

6. It also transfers from person to person easier than Ebola

Glitter. They will be finding that godforsaken fairy dust in every nook and cranny of the house and hair for decades to come.

7. This is my Grandma every holiday

Slide show of vacation photos.

8. The Moors learned this the hard way

The Spanish Inquisition.

9. Nothing causes more frustration

A bowl of skittles and m&m’s mixed together.

10. Well this isn’t the worst thing for whoever’s bringing it

Nothing. Because then you’re the person who drinks everyone else’s booze.

11. Mine phone’s all late 90’s post-grunge alternative ska

Your phone with the “sickest” playlist. No seriously. Like crazy good party jams. Like walk up to the speakers, stop the music. Then plug your own shit in. The anticipation will just build as the silence sits in the air. “What could he be playing?” “It must be amazing!”

12. Unless you’re going to a party in 1928, leave this at home

A fedora.

13. I believe this is called “Pulling a Kardashian

Good looks and an STD.

14. No one cares about your Kindergarten problems!


15. As soon as I see this, I leave immediately

Andy Dick.