It’s never going to be easy surviving in the horrifying landscape of The Walking Dead, but as beloved cast members get ripped to shreds by undead hordes, viewers have taken great consolation in the knowledge that show’s central protagonist Rick Grimes was safe, but that could soon be changing.

While the fate of one character that’s been on the show since season one hangs in the balance, the zombie thriller’s showrunner Scott M. Gimple reminded his audience that no one is safe anymore from a gruesome death at the hands of the walkers, and that might just include Rick himself.

We already knew that season six was going to be a grim one, but in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gimple revealed that fans of the show should be very afraid for everyone, even Rick.

“It’s a very big season. … We’re dropping everyone in the deep end of the pool,” Gimple said of the heart-racing start of season six that won’t feature a ton of time passing before the midseason finale. “Things can get worse — in different ways. There will be some very unique turns to this story coming up.” With the survivors’ leader left in an impossible situation, Gimple confessed that this is a universe in which even a character like Rick Grimes can be killed off.

“Absolutely. It’s a scary thing but this is a scary show,” he said.

The series was just renewed for a seventh season last week, so perhaps we can dare to dream that our favorite post-apocalyptic Sheriff can survive to sulk for at least another handful of episodes.