“Interactive story” game “Will You Save Your Son” is more than just another Super Mario Maker level. It’s an emotional experience, asking players how far they would go to save their fictional son: “far” or “not far”?

Created by YouTuber Geoff the Hero (going by the name Geofferu Heromoto) and described as “a Super Mario Level that makes you question your own free will in life” and “a truly enlightening experience” by its creator, “Will You Save Your Son” asks you, as Mario, what you’d be willing to do if your son was in danger. You can’t see your son and you have no reason to think anything is wrong except that messages are spelled out in coins telling you so. And then the game forces you to murder your lifelong best friend, Yoshi.

Mario clutches his hat in sadness.

There’s more, but it would be a shame to further spoil such a great parody of “emotional” story games that position themselves as being about things like “choice” and “morality.” This might possibly be the pinnacle of Mario Maker.

Via Polygon.