Be prepared to never look at Chobani the same way again.

A student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, has made yogurt using her vaginal secretions. And supposedly it tasted kind of good! Cecilia Westbrook, an MD/Ph.D. candidate, was curious why there is an entire cookbook on ways to use semen in food, but no recipes for how to use the women equivalent. So she set out to make her own probiotic-rich vag yogurt. (According to Motherboard, the dominant bacteria found in vaginas is the same bacteria many people use to culture dairy products. They just normally get it from another source.)

Westbrook collected her internal fluid with a wooden spoon, combined it with yogurt, and left it in a bowl to incubate overnight. “Her first batch of yogurt tasted sour, tangy, and almost tingly on the tongue,” Motherboard reports. “She ate it with some blueberries.” Her second and final batch tasted even more tart, “like slightly-spoiled milk.” As delicious as that sounds, Westbrook says she will not culture any more lady yogurt because her gastronomy experiment could transmit human disease. Darn, we were just getting hungry!

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