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Although Vasalgel sounds a little too much like Vagasil for its own good, this new birth control method is nothing like its intimately moisturizing counterpart. Vasalgel is an injectable male birth control that blocks sperm from swimming through the vas deferens, the male fertility tube. Guys still come; they just shoot blanks.

While Vasalgel won’t be released until 2017 (at the earliest), human trials are set to begin early next year.

Assuming they pan out well, Vasalgel will give guys the opportunity to be a more responsible partner in contraception. It could also mean less condom-wearing— news which will have many people like:

For now, the main problem is that we don’t actually know how fantastic Vasalgel is or isn’t for humans. The medical team behind Vasalgel has limited their research to animals so far. Guys are going to need a lot of convincing before Vasalgel can go mainstream. Nobody wants to mess with their junk, especially when nobody’s really asked them to before.

Will this ever catch on? I asked 10 dudes if they’d try an injectable contraception. Only two said yes; four said maybe; four said no.

Hell, YES

Yes, I would. The responsibility to prevent pregnancy is shared; it goes both ways. I would love to get the shot because I hate wearing condoms. But still – what about diseases? I’d be worried that if I got the shot, I’d be more likely to get an STD, even though that would be my own fault.

DOUG, 52
Sure. I was introduced to birth control as a woman’s thing, but guys are the ones supplying the stuff that gets us all in trouble in the long run. Why not take advantage of new technology? I’m old enough that being resistant to change doesn’t offer me many long-term advantages anymore.

F—, NO:

NICK, 30
I respect that birth control pills can be very hard on women and I believe it’s completely reasonable for them to not want to take it. I’d rather keep my body working the way it’s supposed to and take on the mutual responsibility of birth control. I’ve had three long-terms girlfriends and none were on the Pill—my current relationship being the longest one. I’ve used the pull out method for all of them have never had an issue.

I would never use Vasalgel ever because of my extreme fear of needles in my groin area. Also, the thought of any kind of side effects make it completely not worth it to me. I’ll just stick to pulling out while wearing a bulletproof condom.

GREG, 41
No, I want to have babies too badly. Even if I didn’t want to have babies, I would still probably avoid the shot. My girl’s got an IUD. Those things are incredible! My cousin’s a gyno and she swears by them.

No, I don’t trust it. It’s too risky in the sense of – what if the shot doesn’t reverse?


I’d be a bit worried about reversibility, which hasn’t been demonstrated in humans yet. But personally, I’m not worried at all about it since having a kid is very low on my priorities (basically a zero-percent chance). So many kids need adoption, and my ego is not big enough that I need to leave a mini-me behind. I’d consider getting injected if there were no side effects, and especially if it’s covered by my healthcare plan.

JIRO, 22
I would definitely be interested in using injectable male-birth control. It seems to do much less harm to the body than female birth control and when it comes down to it, almost anything is better than using a condom. However, I would not want to use for the first couple years upon its release. I need to see what this does to other people before I take it.

JEFF, 29
If I were in a committed relationship this could potentially be useful. I wouldn’t have to use condoms and my girlfriend could avoid taking pills that make her bat-shit crazy. But if I were single I don’t see this being as beneficial. Could you imagine a guy trying to convince you to raw dog it and come inside you during a one-night stand? “Baby, it’s totally cool I’m on Vasalgel.” Not chill.

I’m not sure. If I had a girlfriend, I would probably consider getting the shot. But for now, it seems dangerous. Wearing a condom is already agonizing enough when I know it’s to protect me from both STDs and acquiring a baby mama. Drop that down to just STDs and I might get to looking at a girl, decide that she’s disease free, and say ‘fuck it’ before we fuck without protection.