The future of energy-efficient glamping is here, guys.

Forget bohemian yurts and absurdly tricked-out tents, because there’s now a portable pod that runs on sun, wind and rain and can fit up to two moderately-sized humans. Did I mention it could be shipped, airlifted, or trailer-towed wherever you want to go? Yes, shipped. You did indeed read that correctly.

Dubbed the Ecocapsule, Slovakian firm NICE Architects are the brains behind this drastic upgrade to hanging outdoors. The 1.7-ton, 14.5-foot pod will set you back about $87,300. Well, that’s for the first-generation pod at least. The second-generation version is said to have everything from a shower to climate control to a kitchenette.

It’s a pretty brilliant and fresh take on staying outdoors, in whatever capacity it may be.

H/T Homeli