The age-old question “Brown or black belt?” has been rendered obsolete by the fact that now you can have both colors in one, thanks to a recent boom in braided and woven belts. Denim, khakis and other more casual pants dominate today’s workplace, so a braided belt can be used in the same manner as a power tie: You can opt for military green for a subtly aggressive look, navy blue for a preppy vibe or woven cowhide to show you can mix business with leather. Buckle up—you’re in for a stylish ride.

  1. Multicolored woven -Italian waxed-cotton belt with nickel-finish buckle,
    $100, by Torino -Leather -Company.

  2. Italian cork and cotton belt with calfskin tab ends,
    $85, by Torino Leather Company.

  3. Gray woven belt with zinc-alloy buckle,
    $40, by Burton.

  4. Classic braided tan and black leather belt,
    $80, by Cole Haan.

  5. Olive woven stretch cotton Castaway belt,
    $90, by Tommy -Bahama.

  6. Handwoven multicolored leather belt with brushed-satin nickel buckle,
    $65, by -Trafalgar.

  7. Navy cotton webbed belt with matte–nickel buckle,
    $40, by Nautica.