Thinking about getting the new Apple Watch to compliment your awesome wrist tattoo? You might want to think again, because multiple tattooed techies are reporting that some of the key features aren’t working due to their sick ink.

Turns out the super advanced sensors on the back that read your vitals really hate tattoos. And the darker the tattoo, the worse the problem is. If you’ve got solid black, the watch will not be able to read your heart rate at all, making it think you took the watch off and you’ll have to input your security password anytime you want to use it. You also can’t use any of the fitness apps with it.

Apparently lighter tattoos and those with broken patterns where skin peeks through have a much better chance of working properly. At the moment there’s no fix for the problem, but if you’re thinking about getting an Apple Watch and you have wrist tattoos, you may want to test one out at the store first.

Sorry overly tattooed skull guy… looks like you’re going to have to stick with that Casio for awhile longer.

Check out the video below if you want to see what happens when you use the Apple Watch with and without a wrist tattoo: