All Wheel of Fortune contestant Shermian wanted to do was solve the puzzle. She threw down her best guess (“start in the right way”) and it wasn’t the right answer, which was “stars in the night sky.” Then every media reporter and blogger felt compelled to write, “Can you believe this person missed this obvious answer?”

YES. Have none of of these writers ever played a game of Pictionary with their friends? You can draw a box and people will guess rainbow. You draw a cloud and people scream, “Squirrel! Squirrel on a motorcycle! Motorcycle Squirrel! The American Dream! American Dream popping out of a toaster!” People make wild, insane guesses all the time in games (and in life too, if we’re getting all “big picture” here). Now, add the stress of national television and thousands of dollars at stake? Yes, I can totally believe that someone made a guess they’d likely later regret.

Sure, “start in the right way” is not Things and, okay, yeah, she totally ignores the fact that it’s already “night,” not just “ight,” but everyone’s acting like the hint was The Show That You Are Currently On and the board read WH[][]L OF FORTUN[] but she guessed Hollywood Squares, which features celebrities in concept and has been defunct since 2004. Now, that answer would’ve made me explode with questions. This one, though, I just chalk up to bad nerves.

What I really can’t believe is other contestant Brianna. Behold that smug glance from Brianna when she requests a ’S.’ That’s straight shade. She knows what she’s doing.