Wu-Tang spent six years making Once Upon A Time In Shaolin and it may never be commercially released. Here’s why: Not only does the album have an 88-year copyright, but the band is only selling one copy. That’s right, one copy to the highest bidder who, regardless of owning the album, cannot reproduce it for 88 years.

Now, here’s how you may be able to listen to the album in its entirety…listening parties. That’s right, listening parties. The owner of the album can do whatever they want with it, just as long as they’re not producing more copies and selling it. And that’s how Wu-Tang wants it.

According to Forbes, “There was also talk of sending the album around the world on a ‘tour,’ shipping it to galleries and other exhibitions spaces where people could pay $30-$50 per person to hear the full recording on headphones.” Meaning this album should be treated like a piece of art and not a mass produced piece of crap.

If you’re a millionaire DJ and want to be the only owner of Wu-Tang secret album, you can bid on it here. If you’re like the rest of us poor schmucks, you can check out 51 seconds of an unnamed track in the video below: