If you’re itching to wail on people in front of a screaming crowd while wearing a costume that’s mostly just underwear, WWE 2K16 has your back.

The yearly installment of the pro wrestling franchise shows off a bit of its roster in this new trailer, featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin, who graces the game’s cover and who is poised to crush all opposition, if the clips in the video above are any indication.

There’s one opponent Stone Cold might have a hard time with, though. Publisher 2K Games’ preorder bonus for WWE 2K16 is an additional character: time-traveling nearly invincible ass-kicking robot The Terminator. It took being crushed by a pneumatic press to kill the robot in the first The Terminator movie, and molten steel to do away with it in the second—so Stone Cold and the rest of WWE 2K16’s roster are going to have to body slam it really hard.