There’s a lot of people who will say wrestling isn’t a sport. If you’re one of those people, we challenge you to tell your opinion to WWE Diva Eva Marie, because we’re pretty sure she’d kick your ass. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the workout videos she recently posted on her Instagram as proof. And even if you believe wrestling’s real, you’ll still want to check these out because she’s incredibly hot.

First, here she is doing some ring training.

And some more ring training while using the ropes.

#InRingTraining drill , Hitting the ropes! #AllRedEverything #RoadToTheTitle #DoWork 💪💪💪

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Now she uses the “Sliced Bread” move on former WWE star Brian Kendrick

How about a Spring Board DDT?

And now a Suicide Dive.

Holy shit, this Head Scissors move is awesome!

Working on #HeadScissors 🙆💪 with @Mr.BrianKendrick #WWE #RoadToTheTitle #BettaThanEva #DoWork 💪💦💪

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She’s really good at Snap Suplexes as well.

Here she shows off her agility.

Workin on some agility today💪💪 👊 - #RingAwareness #DoWork #RoadToTheTitle #AllRedEverything #BrianKendrick #WWE 👊

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And now she proves her toughness by getting thrown onto the matt a few times.

She has a lot of moves in her arsenal.

Here’s a YouTube compilation of a bunch of her training videos.

She also looks really good when she hits the weights as well.

Nothing fake about that.

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