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WWE Diva Paige Did A Photoshoot Showing Off Some Serious Side-Boob

I’ll admit it; I sometimes still watch wrestling. Growing up, I was a HUGE wrestling fan. No joke, I was obsessed. I had mattresses in my parent’s basement set up as an imaginary wrestling ring and I’d go down there and fling myself around and have fake matches with myself for hours on end… we’re talking that level of obsessed. Around the age of 14 or 15, though, I just lost interest.

Then I started writing for a living. I find that I can’t just work in silence, but I also can’t put anything on the TV that will end up distracting me. So, I came to the realization that wrestling was the perfect solution. I can leave it on in the background and look up every so often without really losing track of what’s going on. So, without really realizing it, I got back into wrestling and starting watching hours upon hours every single day.

Considering how much wrestling I watch and how many of these posts I write, I consider myself 100% qualified to make the following statement: WWE Diva Paige is very, very hot. If you don’t believe me, here are some pics that the British superstar’s recently posted to Instagram from a photo shoot. 1… 2… 3… That’s a win.

Work with the one and only @realpaigewwe 🔳 | @totaldivas | @lswayy | @alileemua | @jenniferbeverly | @daniij

A photo posted by Photographer Carlos Velez (@carlosvelezfoto) on

Here’s some more, because that definitely wasn’t enough!

Remember when I used to have blue hair. And looked like the 80s puked on me.

A photo posted by Paige WWE (@realpaigewwe) on

It’s not a phase mum. I’m a real cow girl.

A photo posted by Paige WWE (@realpaigewwe) on

Home sweet home

A photo posted by Paige WWE (@realpaigewwe) on

Special guest ref in #WWEAtlanticCity 😁😁

A photo posted by Paige WWE (@realpaigewwe) on


A photo posted by Paige WWE (@realpaigewwe) on

🤓 OG.

A photo posted by Paige WWE (@realpaigewwe) on

Snap chat vibes in downtown Calgary. Ready to wrassleeee 🖖🏻

A photo posted by Paige WWE (@realpaigewwe) on

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