It’s always weird when something happens in U.S. politics and everyone threatens to move to Canada—like our northern neighbors don’t make up one of the coolest countries ever. What, we’re supposed to be flabbergasted when you take to Twitter to rant about how, as some kind of dire it’s-the-only-other-option protest, you’ll watch hockey and ski while living in “Cottage Country?”

And now Wyatt Scott, a passionate man who can shoot lasers out of his eyes, slam a sword through a dragon’s head, and flawlessly execute a secret handshake with an alien, is running for Parliament? What more could this country do right?

Dearest Canadians, please let Wyatt Scott represent you as your next Member of Parliament for Mission Matsqui Fraser-Canyon. None of our politicians can flex a beard into existence, and we want to live vicariously through you.

[via The Mary Sue]