Last year, more than a decade after it ended its original TV run, The X-Files retured to Fox for a limited six-eppisode revival. The series’ resurrection premiered to great fanfare after the NFC Championship Game, drawing a huge audience that persisted throughut the run. While reviews were mixed, fans were positively rabid for the new episodes; an average of 16 million viewers tuned in. So, while no one knew when, it seemed clear that Fox wouldn’t want to keep the series dormant after such a stirring reception.

Yesterday, the network announced that it’s ordered 10 new episodes of the series, and that stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and creator Chris Carter will all return for what will be Season 11. Here’s the teaser announcement:

Huge ratings aside, the revival also left open the door for more episodes with a huge new twist on the show’s mythology which deepened the cetnrl conspiracy and left the characters hanging with a major finale cliffhanger. There were loose ends in the original series finale back in 2002 but it still felt more or less satisfying. The Season 10 finale last year felt like the setup for something else. After a year of playing coy with the dealmaking process, Fox is finally giving us the goods. The question is will this season actually deliver some kind of conclusion or kick the can down the road again?

Given the enormous earning potential proven by last year’s revival, it’s probably a safe bet to count on the latter.

The X-Files will return sometime during the 2017-2018 TV season.