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Yesteryear’s Boy Bands Will Fight Zombies for SyFy

Yesteryear’s Boy Bands Will Fight Zombies for SyFy: SyFy


Found yourself wondering what the boy bands you’ve almost entirely forgotten about were up to these days? Would you have guessed “making a movie about cowboys and zombies?” If so, you must be one of the geniuses behind Dead 7, the Western/zombie mash-up that’s airing on the SyFy channel next month.



Buzzfeed reports on the storied return of these early-aughts entertainment titans, as members of Backstreet, NYSYNC, O-Town and 98 Degrees come together to crack wise and hunt the undead.

It would appear that “Backstreet IS indeed back”, with basic cable’s scariest flesh-eaters along for the ride. Catch the film on SyFy this April 1st, and before you ask: Yes, despite the premiere date, Dead 7 is definitely real.

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