Vaping has largely become its own society within western civilization—beyond a subculture, not quite a city-state—treading its way further and further into our world. Ranging from helping adults ease off real smokes to making cousins or their kids be more ridiculous, vaping’s all over the place, and it can be hard to decipher what counts as the good, the bad, or the ugly. In fact, the category that might be the most prominent is the surprising. Like, did you know there’s a smartphone that legitimately allows you to smoke from it?

For $499, you can buy Vaporcade’s Jupiter, a smartphone with a built-in vaporizer. It’s one of those moments in the digital evolution where you legitimately ask, “We have the technology?” But it’s not a totally floored question. It’s asked more as, “Wait, that exists?”

Vaporcade has several notable individuals on board, including Herbert A. Gilbert, the first to patent an electronic cigarette back in the 1960s. Here now is a glimpse of the future.

Because The Verge asked, why yes, the Jupiter is real. #vape #vapelife #vaping #phone

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