Lots of things in life are worth celebrating: The end of a brutal work week. Your new promotion. Your kid brother’s graduation. A hard-fought victory for your favorite team. Finding out you don’t have chlamydia. Getting through an episode of The Americans. (I love The Americans, but man, this season has been a slog.)

All of these occasions call for a nice glass of bubbly, or maybe even two, but are you really going to crack open a new bottle of champagne every time something moderately good happens in your life? Unless you are DJ Khaled, no. (Wait: Are you DJ Khaled?)

Fortunately, Moët & Chandon has your fix. The legendary French winery has unveiled the Moët Mini Share Pack, which includes six 187-milliliter bottles of Imperial Brut Champagne, perfect for any celebration. You can lug around the pack just like a regular beer sixer, but each bottle also comes with a flute sipper in case you don’t want to carry cups or drink straight from the the bottle. Then again, how could you not drink out of a miniature bottle of Brut?

The six-packs are available everywhere booze is sold, but each set retails for $100, so you’ll have to be a little diligent with where you bring them, I suppose. If you’d rather just have one mini bottle instead of splurging on six, head to Vegas to find the Moët -dispensing vending machines.