The Sopranos has been over for eight years now, and some of us still can’t let it go. Me, I like to keep The Greatest Show in TV History alive by re-watching it once a year or so and constantly tweet about it, watching my follower count steadily drop as I do. Others take a more direct approach, though, and if you’re one of those people, you can show your Sopranos pride by plopping a few grand down for a car driven by Tony Soprano himself.

On November 12, RR Auction will open bidding on the 2003 Cadillac Escalade driven by James Gandolfini during the final three seasons of the series. This is the very same car that Tony once chased Phil Leotardo down in (one of the character’s greatest moments), and it’s even signed by Gandolfini himself.

Bidding starts at $5,000, and you’ll have until November 19 to get your money together. So, if you really want to prove you’re a Sopranos superfan, you’ll buy this thing and drive it moodily through the Lincoln Tunnel.

For more info on the auction, click HERE.