It’s official: Destiny will soon add real-money purchases for in-game stuff.

Veteran players of the game won’t be surprised, since for its first entire year, it seemed like Destiny would inevitably get “microtransactions,” or the ability to purchase digital goods with real money. Microtransactions are especially prevalent in mobile games, and are often used to allow players to speed up their progress in the game. Year One Destiny was full of tedious, lengthy, boring requirements to upgrade characters, so it seemed like the game had been built with microtransactions in mind. Some players actually called for their addition, because that’s how awful gathering resources in the game was.

The good news is, developer Bungie’s changes with Destiny’s “The Taken King” expansion in September largely did away with that stuff. According to Bungie’s blog post, you won’t be paying to speed your way through the game, but for cosmetic items like new “emotes.” A few of those are already in the game, and allow you to do stuff like dance with or wave at other players.

The new system goes live on Oct. 13, and all players will get some free “Silver,” the in-game currency you purchase with cash, so they can try out the new system. Bungie also stresses that you won’t need to buy the real-money stuff in order to be good at the game; you won’t lose battles with other players or miss out on content because you didn’t buy a new emote.

So that all sounds fine. You won’t have to spend real money if you don’t want to. But if Bungie ever does start putting in $0.99 transactions that let you fast-track tedious things like gathering resources, I’m taking this Destiny thing back to GameStop.