I’m trying to think if I’ve had 1,000 bottles of the same beer in my life. Probably not, but Yuengling Traditional Lager comes close. We drink so much of it here in northeastern Pennsylvania—about an hour from Yuengling HQ, the oldest operating brewery in the U.S.—that we don’t ask for Yuengling at the bar: we simply ask for “lager.” (We are very cool.)

I subsisted on the stuff in my formative drinking years and still bring a case to every house party, but shit, 1,000 is a lot of beers. That’s like, all the beers.

You have to really love a beer to drink it 1,000 times, and you have to want to marry and procreate with that beer if you’re willing to buy 1,000 bottles of it in bulk. This isn’t normally a situation in which you’d find yourself, but a Finnish brewery just released a 1,000-pack of beer, and now you have some decisions to make.

Take a look at that tweet. There’s a supermarket in Finland that’s selling a massive “1000-päkki” of canned Keisari beer for 2,149.20 Euros, which is about $2,343, according to Food & Wine, who graciously did the math for us. I’m not worldly enough to have had Keisari beer, but I’m guessing I’d get sick of it after, say, the 7th can. And I don’t know 993 people to invite over to my house to drink the rest.

According to a Finnish news site, Keisari admitted their decision to sell a 1,000-pack was a “spontaneous joke” to one-up their rival brewery, who recently started selling 100 brews in one case. Cool spontaneous joke, I guess?