Guys, you no longer have to wonder why you are always staring at amazing butts. It’s not your fault. It’s an evolutionary trait!

Evolutionary psychologists at Bilkent University in Turkey just published a study claiming that men are attracted to a plump rump because of the advantages it gives a woman:

This paper reports independent studies supporting the proposal that human standards of attractiveness reflect the output of psychological adaptations to detect fitness-relevant traits. We tested novel a priori hypotheses based on an adaptive problem uniquely faced by ancestral hominin females: a forward-shifted center of mass during pregnancy.

The hominin female spine possesses evolved morphology to deal with this adaptive challenge: wedging in the third-to-last lumbar vertebra. Among ancestral women, vertebral wedging would have minimized the net fitness threats posed by hypolordosis and hyperlordosis, thereby creating selective pressures on men to prefer such women as mates. On this basis, we hypothesized that men possess evolved mate preferences for women with this theoretically optimal angle of lumbar curvature.

In other words, the curvature of a woman’s back contributes to an awesome butt that helps in childbirth and general fitness. So evolutionarily speaking, over time, males went from thinking, “That woman’s spine indicates that she would have an easier time at childbirth allowing us to keep the population going with less risk,” to “Dat ass!”

Clearly Sir Mix A Lot had early access to this study.