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If You Like Incredibly Fit Girls on Instagram, Then Katelynn Ansari is For You

I used to think that a personal trainer was useless. “Why would I pay someone to show me how to work out? I know how to work out. I’ve been working out for years. What are they going to do for me that I can’t just do on my own?” Those were my thoughts.

But then I tried it, and boy, is there a world of difference. Just having someone there to make sure your form is always perfect, to spot you when you’re lifting a little bit heavier than you should be, and to motivate you to do those last few extra reps when you thought you were burnt out… it’s a wonderful thing. I started training with a guy named Quincy, who looked like the Incredible Hulk was squished into a 5'9" African American man’s body and forced to wear really cool rings. When I was training with Quincy, I was the strongest I had ever been in my life.

As great as he was, I would absolutely love to train with Katelynn Ansari. Just the motivation of having such a stunning woman standing there, watching me push weights around, would force me to lift triple the amount I normally could.

I recently read a study that found that men are able to bench press more weight with a woman sitting on their lap. There’s something about an attractive girl that gets the testosterone pumping and allows guys to push more.

So, here’s a pro work out tip: take a look at these pictures of Katelynn Ansari before your next set. She’s so gorgeous that it’ll get your testosterone pumping and you’ll have a better workout. It’s like she’s a personal trainer when she isn’t even there. Just imagine how good she is in person.

Aren’t #sweats the best?! • #CupKates

A photo posted by C U P 💖 K A T E (@katelynnansari) on

Smile, its Fri-YAY! 🍟 • What’s everyone’s plans for the #weekend?!

A photo posted by C U P 💖 K A T E (@katelynnansari) on

I prefer to be #crazy & #happy instead of being normal & bitter 😘 #CupKates • #flannel #fallfashion #smile #lumberjack

A photo posted by C U P 💖 K A T E (@katelynnansari) on

In honor of #SEMA week, what kind of car do you all drive?? • • I drive a #Ford Edge but wish it was a #Wrangler 🚙

A photo posted by C U P 💖 K A T E (@katelynnansari) on

#Hello old friend 👋🏼 #CupKates

A photo posted by C U P 💖 K A T E (@katelynnansari) on

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