You always want your kids to grow up and be successful. Whether it’s a doctor or a lawyer or investment banker, there’s a sense of fulfillment that a parent gets from seeing their child succeed and make a decent living. ‘Internet Cam Girl’ isn’t usually high up on the list of careers that a parent hopes for their kid, but maybe it should be, because the money is great! Plus, it’s 2015, the age of freedom and expression.

Meet Felicia Vox. Her job is to open up her laptop, press record, and have sex with her boyfriend while strangers watch from the comfort of their own home. According to a recent Reddit AMA (an AMA is short for Ask Me Anything), Felicia makes around $100,000 a year doing this. Her boyfriend makes anywhere from $700-$1300 per week for his efforts as well.

It makes sense that she makes that much, because Felicia is absolutely stunning as well.

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