Usually when someone’s extremely attractive, you say they’re “one in a million.” Certainly Angelina Jolie would qualify as someone who is extremely attractive, but she may not be as unique as we think.

LadBible recently pointed out the case of Chelsea Marr, a 24-year-old woman in Scotland (which is like the Canada of the United Kingdom) who looks exactly like the Mr. and Mrs. Smith star. And we mean she looks exactly like Ms. Jolie.


A photo posted by Chelsea Marr (@chelseamarr31) on

We’ve pointed out similar lookalikes in the past. We previously claimed to have found the Swedish Blake Lively and the next Adrianna Lima. But while those girls looked similar to those celebrities, there’s no denying that Chelsea looks like a freaking clone of Angelina. In fact, if it came out that she was her long lost daughter or sister or something, we would not be the least bit surprised.

Oh here she goes🐨

A photo posted by Chelsea Marr (@chelseamarr31) on

It’s ma birfday🎈

A photo posted by Chelsea Marr (@chelseamarr31) on


A photo posted by Chelsea Marr (@chelseamarr31) on

She also posts more selfies in bikinis than Angelina.

Just make sure to keep Brad Pitt away from her.

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