Any way you look at it, this new Young Thug music video is pure genius.

Here’s the story: apparently, Thugga had some ideas for a music video for his song “Wyclef Jean” (not to be confused with the artist Wyclef Jean, who actually has absolutely nothing to do with this video or song). The ideas were sent over to the production company of Pomp&Clout, who were contracted to make it happen, and the label provided a budget of $100,000. So far so good.

Then Young Thug never showed up. Actually, he did show up, over 10 hours late, and he refused to get out of the car. The video for the song explains, in detail, the entire ordeal, via increasingly bizarre title screens.

Now, this is either the most meta thing to ever be released and some sort of genius marketing guru planned the entire thing, or this all actually happened and some sort of genius marketing guru turned a huge negative into a huge positive. I’m not even sure Young Thug ever even saw the finished product before it got released. Either way, the result is brilliant.