The sexy selfie knows many forms—from the high-angle selfie, the butt-on-counter selfie—but none comes close to the popularity of the mirror selfie. It’s the gold standard of selfies, and the possession of a mirror and a little self-confidence are pretty much the only criterioa for a successful one.

Actually, there is one more criterion for taking a mirror selfie: Make sure it’s not a total pigsty behind you.

This young woman wanted to flaunt her sexy dress to the world, so she decided it was a good idea to take a selfie before heading out to dinner. Make no mistake: She does look incredible. The only issue is, it looks like a Forever 21 exploded all around her. There’s random articles of clothing, there’s individual shoes, there’s a bag of marshmallows near her bed, there’s a bag of coins to the right of her (for those Leprechaun truthers), and there even appears to be a living mouse, in plain sight, just chilling right near her dresser. At least she has some company.

The internet is having a field day with this girl, but the fact remains she still looks pretty damn good. Sure, she doesn’t clean up her room, but she does clean up pretty nice when it comes to dressing up. The question is; could you date someone that messy if they looked that good?