The Hitman game series proves that being a sneaky contract killer who conducts a bunch of assassinations is pretty fun. Turns out, it’s also pretty fun to sit in a room and talk a contract killer through an assassination, as well.

For the upcoming new entry into the Hitman series, usefully titled just Hitman, publisher Square Enix teamed up with RealmPictures, the folks who created a shooter played via Chatroulette, to make another interactive film. Instead of controlling Hitman protagonist Agent 47 with a controller, participants told a real dude what to do and who to garrote.

The result is a pretty slick bit of marketing (all the players are well-known YouTube personalities) and a fairly intense, stressful real-life version of Hitman. It includes all the trappings of the game series, like Agent 47 dressing up as workers and guards to slip past them, but the best part is when one player actually calls a couple of painters in the scenario on a real telephone, and talks them into leaving a room so 47 can slip past. That’s pretty damn immersive.

For another perspective, check out the behind-the-scenes video that explains how the whole thing came to be.