There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Zalec, Slovenia, but it’s where dreams come true. The small town just approved plans to construct the first public beer fountain in Europe.

Now, your immediate thought may be, “No, a ‘beer fountain’ simply can’t be what I think, assume, or want it to be.” But it is. It seriously, truly is. This beautiful, glorious town in the Lower Savinja Valley is going to build an actual fountain that dispenses tasty craft beer.

Concept art for Zalec

Concept art for Zalec’s beer fountain

The mayor’s especially down with the idea, seeing the project as a notable bump for tourism—and potential income. For $6.75, a user scores 10 ounces of beer, poured into a commemorative mug. Users can even have their choice, as the fountain will hold a number of locally brewed beers, which is ideal considering the region is known for its quality hops.

However, given that the construction will round out around $400,000, you can imagine there are less-than-enthusiastic residents in the roughly 5,000-person community. A number of locals have argued the money would do better for the population if it went to a more worthwhile venture, like improving the town’s water supply. But only half of the fountain’s construction will be funded by the local council, as the other half will come from commercial partners and public donations.

Oh, did Zalec just skyrocket to the top ten list of places you need to visit this year? Cool, me too. Giza just got downgraded, at least until a gin-and-tonic mix spouts out the top of those pyramids.