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Beachwood, NJ, USA

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From defamation to fame and fortune, the pages of the tabloids to the pages of Playboy magazine, it’s the escort formerly known as Kristen – the one and only Ashley Dupré. Born and raised in Beachwood, New Jersey, Ashley moved to New York City at nineteen to pursue a career in music. When her album was slow to launch – and she found herself waiting on other people’s tables for lunch – she took a job as a waitress at a nightclub, where nobody knew her (real) name. A patron – who turned out to be the owner and operator of an escort service, catered to high-powered celebrity clientele – offered her a job, and with some hesitation, she accepted. Ashley was an escort, and she was living ‘the good life’ – making thousands of dollars a week, wearing designer clothes and shoes, living in an apartment in Manhattan’s tony Flatiron district, and vacationing in the South of France – but it was about to come to an end. Elliot Spitzer – who as Attorney General put Ashley’s former escort service out of business, and as Governor gave Ashley his, er, business – resigned from office, and the sensational Miss Dupré was a household name. These days, she’s making headlines in a different way – she penned an advice column for the New York Post, and her book of sex tips, Tricks of the Trade, was published in 2013. Private parts and public office to a modern American success story – it’s all in a day’s work for Ashley Dupré.

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