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Shanti Maharaj


Shanti Maharaj is a lover of words who gets a little overexcited by a shapely apostrophe. When not talking about her cats or amassing shiny new kitchen appliances she can be found solving’s grammar emergencies.

  • girls
    Facetime with Anika Shay
    Get to know our Cybergirl of the Month of July 2014

    • Views3058
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  • girls
    Facetime with Georgie Gee
    We go Down Under to talk to this sexy Aussie

    • Views4693
    • Likes16
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  • lifestyle
    Introducing the Bionic Strap-On

    Meet the mad scientist behind the world's first strap-on that responds to touch

    • Views9400
    • Likes27
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  • girls
    Facetime with Jeana Turner

    This green-eyed beauty loves confident guys and great food.

    • Views5036
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  • entertainment
    Femme on Fire: Carlson Young

    We catch up with the up-and-coming comedy actress on her new role, the worst pick-up line and working in comedy.

    • Views3139
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  • girls
    Facetime with Kimber Cox
    Check out this sexy blonde who loves animals and travel

    • Views5016
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  • girls
    Facetime with Mandy Kay

    Our all-natural brunette Cybergirl on a few of her favorite things

    • Views6306
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  • lifestyle
    Building the Better Condom

    Bill Gates wants you to have safer—and more pleasurable—sex

    • Views4442
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  • girls
    Facetime with Shay VanBurin

    You'll go nuts for this sexy go-go dancing Cybergirl

    • Views2891
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  • girls
    Facetime with Lovelyn

    We're sure you'll agree that this Cybergirl is extremely lovely.

    • Views2991
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  • girls
    Facetime with Rachel Lynn Owen

    We can't wait to find out more about this curvy brunette Cybergirl

    • Views6416
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  • girls
    Facetime with Ann Denise

    This British babe loves confident, ambitious men who know how to treat a woman.

    • Views7519
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