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Shanti Maharaj


Shanti Maharaj is a lover of words who gets a little overexcited by a shapely apostrophe. When not talking about her cats or amassing shiny new kitchen appliances she can be found solving’s grammar emergencies.

  • girls
    Facetime with Dakota Shannon

    Small-town Cybergirl Dakota Shannon loves to get down and dirty...

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  • Sex and Dating
    Valentine's Day Advice: A Dose of Pot Psychology
    From where to go to what music to play to get her in the mood, the authors of "Pot Psychology's How to Be" answered all your most pressing Valentine's Day questions.
    • Views11971
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  • girls
    Facetime with Khloë Terae

    Discover everything there is to know about our January 2014 Cybergirl of the Month

    • Views11286
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  • girls
    Facetime with Elizabeth Marxs

    Our Cybergirl of the Month talks about a few of her favorite things...

    • Views10940
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  • girls
    Facetime with Stefanie Knight

    This hottie from the Great White North loves animals and confident men.

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  • girls
    Facetime with Lindsey Pelas

    Get to know this petite blonde bartender from Louisiana.

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  • girls
    Facetime with Jenni Lynn

    Get to a little closer to sexy Cybergirl Jenni Lynn.

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  • girls
    Facetime with Ali Rose

    October 2013 Cybergirl of the Month Ali Rose applied to Playboy on a whim. We're glad she did!

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  • girls
    Facetime with Emily Rose

    Model Emily Rose spills all her secrets . . .

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  • girls
    Facetime with Dani Mathers

    Dani Mathers talks to about Agent Provocateur, sleepover parties, and dates at the gun range.

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  • girls
    Facetime with Nikki du Plessis

    Take a dip with sexy siren from South Africa Nikki du Plessis.

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  • girls
    Facetime with Danielle Trixie
    Some unexpected facts about Cybergirl Danielle Trixie.

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