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Tanner Cormier


Tanner Cormier is the Campaign Coordinator and Copywriter at Playboy Plus Entertainment. He also contributes regularly to and as an entertainment, nightlife and style writer. He'll tell you what to wear to which bar/venue & what cocktails to sip on while you're there. You can find him on Twitter.

  • entertainment
    Best Games out of E3 2014

    Find out what next-gen games you'll be playing in 2015.

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  • entertainment
    Happy 88th Birthday, Hef!

    Celebrate Hugh Hefner's 88th birthday and explore his rich history with our Interactive Timeline.

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  • entertainment
    Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa at the Playboy Mansion

    Find out what happens when Bad Grandpa Irving Zisman crashes the Playboy Mansion.

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  • nightlife
    Never Sleeps: Austin City Limits

    It's still summer in Austin, which means there's time for one last music festival.

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  • Celebrities
    Femme On Fire: Audrina Patridge

    Sexy reality TV star and model, Audrina Patridge, dishes on life under the lens of celebrity.

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  • nightlife
    Never Sleeps: Denver Oktoberfest

    There's more to America's best Oktoberfest than beer and bratwurst. Dig into Denver now.

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  • entertainment
    The Evolution Of Hotness

    Women are getting hotter, and guys have always been left in the dust. Find out what methods we've used to keep our cool in the face of the evolution of hotness.

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  • sports
    Singapore Grand Prix 2013: Party Pit Stops

    Gentlemen, fill your engines for Singapore Grand Prix weekend. With so many parties, it's gonna be a long one.

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  • entertainment
    Angels of Anarchy

    Three Cybergirls get tatted up and hit the open road in our latest special edition gallery.

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  • nightlife
    Never Sleeps: Seattle

    Get the locally-sourced lowdown on nightlife in the west coastal gem, Seattle.

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  • lifestyle
    How To Be The Ultimate Gentleman: Campus Edition

    Just before you hit the books, we've got the goods on keeping it cool on campus.

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  • nightlife
    Never Sleeps: Lollapalooza

    Take on Saturday at Lollapalooza with our picks for where to drop your bags, grab a drink and which acts not to miss at the festival.

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