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Vanessa Butler


Vanessa Butler is’s celebrity interviewer, sex fact queen and popular culture’s greatest love. She also enjoys wine therapy, off brand comedy and her record collection.

  • entertainment
    Femme on Fire: Renee Olstead

    We chat with the lovely Renee Olstead about life, love & starting over.

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  • lifestyle
    How to Be the Ultimate Gentleman: Frank & Oak, F1 & Nunya Sauce

    All the accessories you need to be the best man you can be.

    • Views41731
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    • Comments2
  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Premarital Sex
    A couple of researchers at Cornell University believe that premarital sex can harm a relationship. We think the exact opposite.
    • Views38701
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    • Comments6
  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Why You Need Sex Now

    Here's nine solid reasons why you should have sex now.

    • Views37249
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  • lifestyle
    Up in Smoke: Good Sex = Good Life
    Scientists have found yet another way to make people who aren’t getting laid on a regular basis feel like crap by releasing a study that proves those who enjoy good sex will also enjoy a better life.
    • Views36463
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    • Comments2
  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Sleep Naked
    The only time we like seeing girls in lingerie is if it's coming off before bed. Here's reasons why you should sleep naked.
    • Views36240
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up In Smoke: Erotic fantasies
    Think your girl is daydreaming of you and only you? Think again. Learn about her Erotic Fantasies here.
    • Views35140
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Trojan Sex Life Survey
    Trojan Condoms have released their 2012 sex survey, which revealed some pleasurable results.
    • Views34531
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    • Comments2
  • Sex and Dating
    Up In Smoke: Porn Habits
    A researcher set out to see the differences between those who watch porn and those who don't but hit one major roadblock: he couldn't find one person who doesn't watch pornography.
    • Views34087
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    • Comments8
  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Mind Blowing Sex Facts

    Get schooled by our girls on the best sex facts.

    • Views33754
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  • Celebrities
    Femme on Fire: Denise Vasi

    We chat with the beautiful Denise Vasi on love, Single Ladies & strippers.

    • Views31162
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  • Celebrities
    Femme on Fire: Lzzy Hale
    Our latest Femme on Fire Lzzy Hale dishes on her Grammy nomination, what it's like to be named one of the sexiest girls in Rock & her best Alice Cooper story.
    • Views30223
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