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Vanessa Butler


Vanessa Butler is’s celebrity interviewer, sex fact queen and popular culture’s greatest love. She also enjoys wine therapy, off brand comedy and her record collection.

  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: 10 Best NSFW Facts

    We've got the ten sexiest (and strangest) NSFW facts.

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  • lifestyle
    Up in Smoke: Forgo the Daily Shower
    It’s no secret that women have a history of being attracted by rustic, hardworking man and scientists now have a particular gene that backs this claim up.
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  • girls
    Femme on Fire: Anna Hutchison
    To celebrate the release of Joss Whedon’s latest masterpiece, The Cabin in the Woods, we chatted with our latest Femme on Fire, the gorgeous New Zealander Anna Hutchison.
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Fantasies
    Despite the fact that your own imagination may not have wavered much throughout the years, what women are thinking and dreaming of is practically opposite to male fantasies.
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Better Gifts, Better Sex
    Studies have shown that the better your gifts are to your spouse, the better your sex life will be.
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: The First Kiss

    Don't think the first kiss matters past high school? Think again.

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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Addicted to Love
    A wise man once said, “You know you're gonna have to face it; you're addicted to love.”
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Democrats Do It With The Lights On has polled their readers by political belief on pressing issues like, who's the better superhero, Batman or Superman?
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  • entertainment
    Femme on Fire: Rachel Nichols

    Continuum star Rachel Nichols chats about The Game, Sci-Fi & Vancouver.

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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: What She Wants
    2012 was a year full of sex toys, erotic literature and the rise of women's sexuality. We'll cheers to that!
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Quirky Facts About Kissing

    Kiss, smooch, smack. Call it what you will, but a kiss is just a kiss.

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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Your Best Sex Ever

    Think you know what you need to have the best sex ever? Think again.

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