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Vanessa Butler


Vanessa Butler is’s celebrity interviewer, sex fact queen and popular culture’s greatest love. She also enjoys wine therapy, off brand comedy and her record collection.

  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Better Sex, Better Career
    Luxury sex toy brand Lelo recently released a rather interesting collection of data proving that a healthy sex life can boost your career.
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  • entertainment
    Man of Style: Chuck Hughes

    Montreal celebrity chef Chuck Hughes makes waves with his new line of kitchen-ready shoes. 

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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Mind Blowing Sex Facts

    Get schooled by our girls on the best sex facts.

    • Views32550
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  • girls
    Up in Smoke: Playmate Firsts

    See which Playmates made history by being a first.

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  • entertainment
    Femme on Fire: Sevyn Streeter

    We talk with the lovely Sevyn Streeter about her latest music video premiering on BET. 

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  • lifestyle
    Up in Smoke: Good Sex = Good Life
    Scientists have found yet another way to make people who aren’t getting laid on a regular basis feel like crap by releasing a study that proves those who enjoy good sex will also enjoy a better life.
    • Views35222
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  • entertainment
    More than 140 characters with Comedian Rob Delaney

    We chat with Rob Delaney about his new memoir, Twitter & his love for Margaret Atwood.

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  • entertainment
    Femme on Fire: Zulay Henao

    We sit down with The Single Mom's Club star Zulay Henao. 

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  • entertainment
    Man of Style: Adam Brody

    Adam Brody dishes on Jean Claude Van Damme's penis & the future of independent film. 

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  • entertainment
    Man of Style: Shawn Ashmore

    Shawn Ashmore of The Following spills the beans on the second season. 

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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Trojan Sex Life Survey
    Trojan Condoms have released their 2012 sex survey, which revealed some pleasurable results.
    • Views33862
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  • lifestyle
    How to Be the Ultimate Gentleman: Frank & Oak, F1 & Nunya Sauce

    All the accessories you need to be the best man you can be.

    • Views38162
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