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Vanessa Butler


Vanessa Butler is’s celebrity interviewer, sex fact queen and popular culture’s greatest love. She also enjoys wine therapy, off brand comedy and her record collection.

  • entertainment
    The Spot: Biffy Clyro

    We chat with scottish indie band Biffy Clyro before they hit the road with mega band Muse.

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  • lifestyle
    How to Be the Ultimate Gentleman: Las Vegas, Girard-Perregaux & Centerfolds

    From the watch on your wrist to where you hit up in Las Vegas. This is what you need to be the ultimate gentleman.

    • Views11157
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  • entertainment
    Femme on Fire: Kerli

    We sit down with the biggest pop star you've never heard of.

    • Views11626
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Red Wine Foreplay

    Think red wine is only good for pairing with pasta? It's also great for your sex life.

    • Views7754
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  • girls
    Femme on Fire: Cortney Palm

    We sit down with Cortney Palm of Sushi Girl to talk about nudity, Mark Hamill & horror films.

    • Views8292
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: The Breast Orgasm Ever

    Think you have what it takes to give your girlfriend the breast orgasm ever? Read on!

    • Views426580
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  • entertainment
    Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem Interview

    We talk to filmmaker and music mastermind Rob Zombie about Lords of Salem.

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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: 10 Best NSFW Facts

    We've got the ten sexiest (and strangest) NSFW facts.

    • Views15693
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  • entertainment
    Femme on Fire: Joelle Carter

    We sit down with Justified's Joelle Carter to talk guns, guest stars & Vanessa Williams.

    • Views7023
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  • entertainment
    Femme on Fire: Nichole Galicia

    Django Unchained's Nichole Galicia talks Tarantino, Formula One, her naked Golden Globes story & More.

    • Views9314
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    • Comments1
  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Pornstar Analysis 101

    Thought you were in the know about pornography? Think again.

    • Views22057
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    • Comments3
  • Celebrities
    Femme on Fire: Chloe Dykstra
    We chat with nerd queen Chole Dykstra about gaming, Nerdist, cosplay and what it takes to not screw up an interview with Gabe Newell.
    • Views24879
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