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Vanessa Butler


Vanessa Butler is’s celebrity interviewer, sex fact queen and popular culture’s greatest love. She also enjoys wine therapy, off brand comedy and her record collection.

  • Sex and Dating
    Up In Smoke: Erotic fantasies
    Think your girl is daydreaming of you and only you? Think again. Learn about her Erotic Fantasies here.
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  • entertainment
    The Ultimate History of Boobs
    Think you know your stuff about boobs? You're wrong. Read on to find out the Ultimate History of Boobs.
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  • entertainment
    Femme on Fire: Martha MacIsaac
    1600 Penn's Martha MacIsaac talks comedy, Canada and why she doesn't like being chased in the woods by cameras.
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Sleep Naked
    The only time we like seeing girls in lingerie is if it's coming off before bed. Here's reasons why you should sleep naked.
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  • Sex and Dating
    KINK: Interview with Director Christina Voros
    We chat with Christina Voros about BDSM, the Kink Armory in San Francisco & what it was like to pull back the iron curtain on one of the most alternative porn sites around in her new film Kink premiering at Sundance.
    • Views11651
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up In Smoke: Porn Habits
    A researcher set out to see the differences between those who watch porn and those who don't but hit one major roadblock: he couldn't find one person who doesn't watch pornography.
    • Views32571
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: High Heel Science
    Our readers will already know this, but scientists are just cluing in on the whole stilettos are hot thing.
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  • lifestyle
    Vacations For The Single Traveler
    Whether you’re cruising around the world to pick up exotic chicks or you’re making the best of the single life, traveling solo is one of the most rewarding and exciting ways to see the world.
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  • Celebrities
    Jenny McCarthy Headed to Late Night
    Jenny McCarthy is set to head back to television, debuting her very own talk show, The Jenny McCarthy Project, on VH1.
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  • girls
    Femme on Fire: Shanola Hampton
    Season three of Shameless stars in a couple of days, so to celebrate we sat down with the gorgeous Shanola Hampton.
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: What She Wants
    2012 was a year full of sex toys, erotic literature and the rise of women's sexuality. We'll cheers to that!
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  • Sex and Dating
    Up in Smoke: Holiday Hookup
    Hang up that mistletoe and reinforce those locks: studies have shown that people have more sex during the holidays.
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