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Azealia Banks


  • Eye ColorBrown Eyes
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate05/31/91
  • HometownHarlem, New York

About Azealia Banks

April 2015 Playboy cover girl Azealia Banks is a singer-songwriter-rapper from Harlem, and she’s not going to let you forget it.

After years of back-and-forth on a release date, she dropped her debut full-length album, “Broke with Expensive Taste,” out of nowhere in November 2014, a combination of new songs and previously recorded tracks. She will kick off her 2015 tour to supper the album with a nude pictorial in Playboy’s 2015 Music Issue, which comes out March 20.

“She’s an angel on the choruses, but for the verses in between, she’s a formidable spitter whose flash and flow are unmistakably Harlem,” wrote Pitchfork reviewer Craig Jenkins shortly after the album released. “Both the album and the artist revel in the freedom of a New York City where divisions between these sounds and scenes have ever so slowly ceased to exist.”

Co-existing in Azealia’s music is a combination of strife and resilience—her father died of pancreatic cancer when she was two; her mother was abusive to the point that Azealia moved in with her older sister as a teenager—coupled with a desire for “weird, eclectic, smart people” to like her music, she said in an interview with The Guardian.

She attended LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts but never graduated—instead pursuing her dream of becoming a rap and R&B artist. She’s known as quick to respond to beefs and engage in fights on social media and equally as known to defend herself.

Asked about her song “Heavy Metal and Reflective,” Azealia explained the “heavy metal” label: “As in, I’m solid as a fucking rock. Indestructible,” she told The Guardian. “I’m very heavy metal and reflective. You can’t break me.”

Azealia is bisexual but told The New York Times that she doesn’t buy into society’s labels. “I’m not trying to be, like, the bisexual, lesbian rapper,” Azealia said. “I don’t live on other people’s terms.”