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Brittney Palmer


  • Eye Color
  • Hair ColorBlondes
  • Birthdate06/24/87
  • HometownLas Vegas, NV, United States
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About Brittney Palmer

The very successful and gorgeous Brittney Palmer is a true jack-of-all trades. She is an artist, spokes model, host, dancer and is best known for being an official UFC Octagon Girl. Brittney was even featured on the cover of Playboy for the March 2012 issue, joining the extensive list of celebrities and Playmates that have graced the cover.

She has over six years of experience in the entertainment industry, and has been working with UFC for over four years. UFC has over a 100 million worldwide viewers for each event, and Brittney is in the middle of it all. Whether she is cage-side with the fighters, or trying to get everyone ready for the next round, it’s hard to take your eyes off her. Brittney grew up in Las Vegas, where she originally was turned on to UFC. “I had a high school sweetheart,” she remembers. “His mother was so into the UFC she would throw pillows at the TV set. When I was 18 I worked out front at UFC events, handing out free beer. And now I’m actually in the Octagon, which is crazy.” She has also completed “The Ultimate Fighter Brazil”, where one episode alone received almost 30 million viewers in Brazil.

As soon as Brittney turned 18, she knew she wanted to become a professional model and entertainer. And since she grew up in Las Vegas, it was hard not to get into the entertainment industry. She first appeared in the Ultimate Variety Show, and then was a featured act in Jubilee. She was an assistant to magician Nathan Burton, and was the lead dancer in X Burlesque at The Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

Apart from her passion for entertainment and UFC, Brittney has always incorporated art into her life, whether it’s painting, music, dancing or jiu jitsu. She has been a painter for the majority of her life, and is a self-taught artist currently enrolled in art school at UCLA in Los Angeles. Some of her inspirations draw from the Woodstock era, inspiring her collection of acrylics on canvas with her unique take on rock and pop cultural icons from the 1960s and 1970s. She already has a thriving business as an artist, selling paintings through her website; she specializes in acrylic renderings of classic rock album covers and musicians ranging from Led Zeppelin to Sammy Hagar. “I’m no longer just this Vegas showgirl,” she says. “I want to be an artist, and I’m really lucky to have a passion like that.”

Brittney taught herself to paint by watching YouTube videos and built up enough of a portfolio to get into UCLA. “I’ve been learning about composition and colors and negative space,” she reports. She knows that someday she’ll probably have to broaden her subject matter beyond rock stars. “But I love painting those pictures, and people love putting them on their walls,” she says. “Would you rather have a portrait of somebody you don’t know or a portrait of Jimi Hendrix?” Art school is what inspired Brittney to pose for playboy. “I take figure-drawing classes all day, every day,” she explains. “Ninety-nine percent of the time there’s a nude model in your class—it’s beautiful, and it’s art. I’m really good at drawing nudes. I think women’s bodies are fantastic, and I work my ass off for my body. I have such appreciation for being in Playboy—it’s like being a model for an elite figure-drawing class.”