Miss October 2013

Carly Lauren


5' 9"
July 3, 1990
Fresno, CA, USA
Miss October 2013

About Carly Lauren

Do the math with Playmate Carly Lauren, a model from Fresno, central California. She’s tall – 5’9 – with blonde hair, blue eyes and softly freckled skin. “I’m ambitious,” she says. “People take me for a dumb blonde, but I’ve always done well in school.”’ Carly just got her degree from Cal State – true to her form, she studied business, and she modeled on the side – and she sees posing for Playboy as an additive (rather than subtractive) process. “I’ve always been interested in Playboy, but I never considered posing until now,” she says. “Like I said, I’m ambitious, and when I want something, I get it. And I wanted to be a Playmate.” It wasn’t long before Carly got her wish – she posed for photographer Josh Ryan, and in two shakes of a bunny’s tail, she was Miss October 2013. “I’m ready for the challenge,” says Carly, confident. In addition to her Playmate title, go-getter Carly is an agency-represented model – she has many credits to her name, has been on three TV shows and in a short film – and when she’s not working, she’s hanging out with her friends. “We go to the lake, or on day trips to Pismo Beach,” she says. “And I really love to play volleyball. I played in high school and college.” When it comes to dating, Carly can be traditional – or non-traditional, depending on the date. “I love flowers and candy, but I don’t believe in labels,” she says. “I think that you can be attracted to either sex. We’re all human.” Easy for Carly to say – her official label is Miss October 2013, and to hear her tell it, being a Playmate is only the beginning.

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