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Sexy girls - 18 years of age or older - including college students, busty babes, hot housewives and natural beauties. No modeling experience necessary.

California residents are not eligible to purchase a photo package.


You must bring with you two original and valid forms of identification to prove that you are at least 18 years of age. The primary form of ID must be government issued and have your photo, date of birth and expiration date -- this can be a driver's license, passport or state ID. A second form of ID can be a birth certificate, student ID, Social Security card, voter registration card or military ID. Please note that expired IDs will not be accepted and you will not be tested.


A pair of heels with lingerie, bikini or a swimsuit. Please have your hair and makeup done before your interview.


After completing your bio form and a model release (optional) we will verify and digitally photograph your IDs. Once you've changed into your lingerie/bikini you will have a casual interview during which photos and video will be taken of you. Please be aware that this audition is for Playboy and a certain level of nudity is expected.


No need to bring a modeling portfolio. You may leave additional photos for consideration but they will not be returned.


No phone calls please. If you have not received a phone call from a Playboy representative within four-to-six weeks after the casting there may not be an opening available for you, but your submission will remain on file.

Rescheduling/Canceling your Interview

If you need to change your interview time or day please do not call the hotel but simply send an email with your name and your scheduled day and time and then give us the new day and time.

Please contact us with your name, date and appointment time.

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Bunny Tips

  1. In the weeks prior to your audition, exercise and eat right.

  2. Pick the perfect outfit (lingerie or swimsuit) that makes you feel sexy and sassy!

  3. Get your beauty rest the night before so you look and feel great.

  4. Have your hair and makeup done prior to your arrival - remember less is more.

  5. Don't stress ! Even if you're running late, your appointment will be held for you.

  6. Arrive, check-in at the front desk and remember your IDs - two forms to prove you're 18 or older.

  7. Change into your outfit slip on a robe and have a seat. You're almost there...

  8. Never modeled before ? No worries - the photographer will guide you through your photo session.

Playboy Casting calls

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