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Chelsie Aryn


  • Eye ColorBrown Eyes
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate09/18/92
  • HometownBerne, New York, United States
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About Chelsie Aryn

Chelsie Aryn is the Playmate of the Month for March 2015. The brunette beauty of Japanese and German descent grew up in a small town in upstate New York. She says she was a classic rural girl listening to country music and obsessing over vintage cars and motorcycles. She says she was shy and awkward as a kid but learned to grow out of her shell with help from her high school cheerleading coaches.

After high school Chelsie wanted to go to college and study early childhood education. Her teachers and parents told her to pursue modeling because she could always go back to school later in life, but her body wouldn’t stay the same as her 18-year-old self. She had always been interested in the profession throughout her life. Her mother loved photography and used Chelsie as her subject. As a teenager, she began uploading pictures to MySpace and began growing a following.

Before appearing in the magazine Chelsie won Playboy’s Miss Social contest in March 2011, although she never intended to enter it. While voting for one of her friends who entered, she filled out a survey thinking it was to create a profile. She ended up moving on to the next round without realizing she was even competing for anything. She ended up going to Florida and the Dominican Republic without access to the Internet during the finals and still won the contest, even though she had no ability to promote herself on social media. It takes a special kind of girl to win a beauty contest without even trying.

Winning Miss Social opened a lot of doors for Chelsie. Ever since she was 13 she wanted to be a Playmate. She told Playboy, “I scoured my dad’s Playboys and was blown away by how drop-dead gorgeous the girls were. I wanted to be part of their family.” Besides Playboy, she’s also appeared in Super Street Bikes, Cookie for Him and NY Rider.

For her Playmate pictorial shoot, Playboy shot Chelsie in the desert and dressed her up in black leather. “It was super sexy,” she says. “I felt like a Western gangster. I felt super at home too, because I wear cowboy boots all the time in real life.”

In her free time Chelsie loves working on DIY crafts. She also says she’s a homebody and prefers snuggling up on a couch watching TV rather than going out.