Chelsie Loraine


5' 5"
December 5, 1988
Tacoma, WA, United States

About Chelsie Loraine

Get your daily grind with Cybergirl Chelsie Loraine, a student and barista from Tacoma, Washington. She’s got brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a fit, athletic form. “I’m very close with my parents,” she says. “They don’t support every decision I make, but they love me unconditionally, and that’s all that matters.” Chelsie went to school on a full track scholarship, and it’s not unusual to see her in a windbreaker, running in the pouring rain. “My mom and brother were both distance runners,” she says. “It runs in the family, if you’ll forgive the pun.” She’s a supporter of animal rights, and has been a dedicated vegetarian since she was nine. When she’s alone, she loves nothing more than a long, hot bath with all the trimmings – oils, bath salts, candles and music. “I got started with Playboy at nineteen,” says Chelsie. “I went to a casting call in Tempe, Arizona, and I was booked for a Girls With Girls shoot.” She appeared in four more issues of Special Editions – Big Boobs & Hot Buns, Hot Party Girls and Lingerie – before she was made Cybergirl of the Week in November 2010. “Playboy is the first and best men’s magazine,” she says. “Only a handful of women in the world get the chance to pose next to the bunny icon. I’m blessed to be one of those women.” For now, she works five days a week in a coffee shop – in a bikini, no less. “It’s like Hooters, but with coffee,” she says, laughing. “It’s very popular.” We bet it is. Chelsie takes us behind the scenes at the Playboy Mansion in her Facetime interview.

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